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Succession Law

Strangis Law Firm provides legal assistance and advice to Italian and foreign clients, also with the help of trusted and competent external professionals – notary public, engineer and accountant – who have been working with the firm for more than ten years, on all issues relating to the Law of Succession, in particular, providing the following out-of-court and, where necessary, in court legal assistance:


  • Drafting of Wills;

  • Legal opinions on: a) Holograph wills (analysis of the clauses in wills and evaluation of their lawfulness or invalidity) also with the assistance and advice of handwriting analysis experts; b) Infringements of inheritance rights;

  • Acceptance or waiver of heritages;

  • Preparation and collation of documents relating to inheritance and/or preparatory for the division and allocation of hereditary assets (i.e. death certificates, special declarations substituting an affidavit, Land Registry certificates, inventory of the deceased’s assets, estimate of the immovable property with the help of our trusted engineer);

  • Calculation of succession quotas;

  • Dissolution of Community of heirs;

  • Out-of-court agreements on division of inheritance;

  • Inheritance lawsuits;

  • Judicial division of hereditary assets.

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