Labour Law

Strangis Law Firm has twenty years of experience in the management of employment disputes.


Specifically, the Firm provides legal assistance and advice on the following areas:


  • Termination of employment relationship;

  • Hiring of executives and termination of the employment contract for executives;

  • Drafting of consultancy contracts, collaboration contracts, project collaboration contracts, non-competition agreements, loyalty pacts, non-solicitation agreements;

  • Short-term contracts;

  • Individual and collective transfers;

  • Mobbing (i.e. aggressive behaviour and harassment against an employee in order to induce him to voluntarily resign or provoke a motivated dismissal) also with the aid of a forensic expert;

  • Failure or inaccurate recognition of the remuneration to an employee and failure or inaccurate application of Italian labour law in the following circumstances: a) assignment of lower or higher tasks than those provided for in the employment contract; b) holidays/days off which have not been used up; c) omitted or inexact payment of overtime;

  • Disciplinary power of the employer;

  • Consensual termination of employment and drafting of settlement agreements.