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Civil and Commercial Law

Strangis Law Firm has been assisting companies and individuals in various areas of civil and commercial law for over twenty years.

Specifically, the Firm provides legal assistance in the following subjects:

Tenancy Law (management of expulsion procedures for default and expiry of the lease).

Commercial contracts, in particular we assist our clients in drafting, negotiating and performing various contracts such as, for example, commercial and residential Lease Agreements, Loan to use Agreement, Business Sale Contracts, Purchase Agreements, Supply Contracts, Distribution Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Agency Agreements, Sale and Purchase of Goods and Services.

Industrial Law:

- Unfair commercial practices, surreptitious, misleading and comparative advertising;

- Protection for authors of literary and artistic works;

- Trademark protection.

Condominium Law (appeal against shareholders' meetings, review and appeal against condominium regulations, handling of disputes arisen between condominiums and from the liability of the condominium administrator).

Debt collection both out-of-court (Collection letters) and in court (Petition for injunction, writ of enforcement, initiation of enforcement proceedings).

Bankruptcy (Declaration of Bankruptcy and filing of Formal Proof of Claim Petition).


Strangis Law Firm has also gained significant experience in helping clients to meet regulatory and compliance obligations in the following areas:

- Laundering;

- Data Protection;

- Building Regulations.


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